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You shouldn’t have to be a designer to create engaging presentations.

Magically create beautiful slides — faster than ever.

Collaborative. Interactive. Automatically designed as you type.

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Think it. Type it. See it.

Slides are automatically designed as you type, freeing you to focus on crafting the right message.

Design, without templates.

Just start typing. Add content.
Great design built-in.

Dropdeck magically turns text into beautiful slides ‒ as you type. This is our secret sauce. Creating short, sharp visual content shouldn’t be this hard. Dropdeck lets you focus on what really matters: your message.
With collaborative editing built in you can work together and the slide automatically adapts.

You. Superhuman.

Productivity built-in.

Dropdeck is all about speed, and features an ever growing list of smart components that make light work of tedious tasks. Want a chart? Just type “pie chart” and fill in the blanks. Or source and arrange logos by simply listing out the the company names...

Editor and Lightbox
Crafting your message.

Want a different design? Remix it!

Our proprietary design engine continuously finds different, complimentary ways of presenting content.

Style and layout are automatically tailored to the text, and the contents of the slide — rather than a set of rigid, arbitrary templates.

More A-P-P than PPT.

Don’t just present. Communicate.

Gone are the days of one-way communication and talking “at” people.

Decision making is a team sport, and feedback shouldn’t get lost in endless, disconnected message threads.

Inform before the meeting. Without the meeting.


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Ready to use. Automatically.

Instantly, and always on brand.

When you create an account with your work email, Dropdeck automatically locates and imports key assets such as logos, fonts, and colors for any brand.

This means teams of all sizes have immediate access to consistently branded, ready-to-use presentation designs.

Automatically on brand


We've just launched, and currently in beta. Dropdeck is free to use, and we plan to always have a great, capable free tier.
We will at some point in the future introduce paid, premium tiers to unlock certain features, but we will make sure you know well in advance what those are so you can choose whether to proceed with us.

Despite being free to use, we will consummately guard your data and never share it with 3rd parties.
Your data remains within 🇪🇺 Europe.

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